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Terms and Conditions


Search engine optimization is governed by a lot of aspects, which are beyond the direct control of Orange County SEO and of course, any other search engine firm. Search engines are actually third party systems having unknown algorithms, variables as well as indexing decisions that can always change any time. Due to this fact, no SEO expert or specialist can fulfill a one-hundred percent guarantee of bringing your website on top and getting it ranked number one organically on major search engines for your chosen keywords.

Orange County SEO only use ethical, honest and entirely accepted standards and legitimate techniques in order to boost your rankings on search engines – no any invisible text, no tricks and definitely no dodgy black hat techniques. We provide SEO and online marketing services with highly reasonable care and skill.


To respond to your needs and provide customized service that will suit your needs, you agree to supply us with absolute access to your site and its contents. You also give us your consent to make some necessary adjustments to make sure that your website will meet the search engine standards. We wish to access to your website only to give you unrivalled services that you require.


Many search engines are changing their inclusion policy ranking methods and algorithms all the time. Unless a website is properly maintained will all the necessary alterations, tuning and analysis based on the changing needs of your website and the requirements of search engines, highly ranked websites are unlikely to hold such position for a long time.

Ongoing SEO is important. Orange County SEO advises that fresh and updated contents added to the site will be helpful in improving the stability of the site’s search engine rankings. By accepting these Terms of Use, you acknowledge the importance of regular and unique content for the success of your SEO goals. You also fully understand that relevant contents play a vital role for the site’s success and you recognize that failure to add fresh and unique contents will lessen the overall impact of the search engine optimization provided by Orange County SEO.


If during the contract period between the Client and the Orange County, the client choose to use any third party for SEO or any associated working, we shall not be held liable for any associated damages or consequential loss that may arise. Clients must inform us of any changes to their website that can affect that services we supply.